Beauty from Zero

Hi Beauties,

I’ve always been having an interest with beauty / make up/ skin care world, but due to many little things here and there, I kinda neglected that spark within me. To be honest, my on and off relationship with make-up began in my first internship at a hotel. My manager scolded me for not using enough make-up. At first, I thought she was ridiculous! But then, she might be somehow right, hahaha.. I should look “presentable” to the guest instead of my sleepy face, hahaha… Yeah, that was my first time in love with make up.

Right after I finished my internship, due to tight college schedule, I neglected it. I was trying be an “A” student. But then I wished I compromised that aim with a little biit of make up time, hahaha.. The second time I fell for make up again is when I started this blog, about 2 years ago. I was so into Korean skin care and make up regimen. The packaging of Korean products is just too cute! This relationship only last for about a year. I was so busy again with my thesis, looking for job, moving out, moving in, starting a new job, etc.

This is my third time starting this “relationship” with make up. I kind of more serious this time, to make up for my past “mistakes'”, hahaha.. I even took a make up course! Fingers crossed that this relation might last forever, hahahaha… I’ll write up my experience doing a private class with one of MUAs in my town. Let’s see how I progressed!



30 Hours Bangkok Trip

Sawatdee kaa~~~

After almost a year-long of full time work, I finally had  a chance to take a little rest from the busy world. Things just get better when my 2 close friends from college and I decided to meet up in Hanoi! It’s been more than 3 years after we graduated in Switzerland. Then, we all separated in different parts of the world.

Super duper excited! Actually my trip began in Bangkok to meet Hayley. She used to be my “wine club” buddy back at school. Even though my Bangkok trip only last for 30 Hours, she was super kind to guide me around. First, we visited the Grand Palace. It used to be the home for the royal family. The dazzling complex blown my mind! It is so well preserved and the architecture is just so detailed.


After the Grand Palace, Hayley took me to the Wat Pho. To be honest, I prefer the Wat Pho complex because it is much cooler than the Grand Palace. I got a pretty bad sunburn already from walking around in the Grand Palace, hahaha. The day I visited Bangkok, it was more than 40 degree Celcius, no wonder it was blazing hot! Wat Pho is a temple complex, the signature of this place is the HUGE statue of The Reclining Budha. Again, the attraction took my breath away. The complex is just so huge and shaded with heaps of trees.


For lunch, Hayley took me to Ama. It’s a super nice restaurant, located just across the Wat Pho. They cook authentic Thai Dishes and it was great. When we arrived, they gave us a bowl of ice to cool down our skin. They are so considerate, how sweet! I ordered a Phad Thai and it is soo good!

Shopping is a must in Bangkok! Hayley took me to Asiatique The Riverfront. I looooove Asiatique! Great shoping complex, plenty of nice eateries, and super greaaat view! We had a few cocktails there, hahaha.. Super satisfied! Great job Bangkok!

Hayley is just the best! She let me stay over in her cozy place, took me around her nighbourhood, and even made me croissant for breakfast! 5 star service madame! Thank you so much!

And just like that, my 30 Hours in Bangkok ended. But, Hanoi is waiting!!! Hayley and I departed to the airport for our flight to Hanoi, Vietnam! We flew with VietJet, the outfit of the aircrew is so comfy! Hayley and I can’t believe it is their uniform until we were actually on the plane, hahahah…

Stay tuned for our Journey in Hanoi!!!



I’m Back to Blog!


It’s been about 2 years since my last post in this blog. Life was pretty challenging during that period, a lot of ups and downs, but I did learn a lot. Now, I’m ready to sail another sea, hahaha…

I’m still the “young” me, hahaha.. The only difference is now I’ve graduated and I’m working full time, though  sometime I miss uni XP. And I’m back to Indonesia! Yeay!  And guess what?! I’m taking a make up course! it will be fun, right? who knows one day I can be a freelance MUA, fingers crossed!

Can’t wait to post more fresh air in this blog!


Ririe 😀

Beauty Items I Regret Buying


Hi everyone,

Today I’ll share with you about the products which I regret buying.

For your information, I have nothing against Etude House. I really love its Wonder Pore Freshner and it is my favourite daily toner. However, it is just a coincidence that the products I regret buying are from Etude House.

Honestly, I’m really sad when a product doesn’t perform a good job. Perhaps, it is just me who has no idea how to properly use these products. If you have different opinion, please kindly share it with me.


Etude House Brush Shower Cleaner

I had a high expectation when I ordered this product in my Etude House Haul. However I ended up really disappointed.

The direction says to pour adequate amount of the solution into a container. Then stir the brush head into the solution to rinse the leftover make-up residues. Then rinse the brush with water. The cleansing solution is too oily I guess. I have tried to rinse it with water for a few times, however the oiliness can’t be rinsed completely.

Etude House Puff and Brush Cleaning Mist

Similar to the Brush Shower Cleaner, this Brush Cleaning Mist is really oily as well. My make-up brushes became dirtier after the usage of this product.

Because I was desperate, in the end I used my shampoo to wash my brushes thoroughly. My shampoo does a very good job in removing all the grease from the mist and cleaner solution. Lesson of the day, purchase multifunctional product, ahahahah…

On the positive side, this product has a decent smell. So currently I use this product as my room freshener 😀

Etude House Colour My Eye Brow

Actually I have a mixed feeling about this product. Most probably because I rarely groom my brows, so I have to I have no idea how to make it works. Every time I try to use it, it made my brows look like hairy caterpillar, ahahaha… So someone, teach me how to use it please….

Etude House Tight Shading Corset

As a bronzer, it should be really easy to apply in opinion. Unfortunately, this is the product which I got disappointed the most. It is really chalky and not pigmented at all. It gives no difference to my face even after multiple application. I have tried applying t using a wet brush, but still no difference.

Again, please kindly share with me if you know the best way of using those products.



My Daily Make-up Products

Daily Make-up


What a busy day… I’m volunteering for my university orientation and today it starts to get busy, oh my… I hope I still manage to blog everyday…

All right, today I’m going to share my daily make-up for school. I’m pretty excited to write this as this is my first make-up related post 😀 My daily make-up is really simple and it suits any season of the year.

After I brushed my teeth and apply my morning skin care routine (check out the post here), my make-up session usually takes only 5-10 mins. The products I’m using are below,

  1. Innisfree Water Glow Cushion #23

For the foundation, I prefer to use a cushion. It’s fast, quick and easy. This cushion has a medium coverage because I don’t  like to wear foundations with heavy coverage. The formula is pretty amazing, it makes my skin looks dewy.  After applying this cushion, I don’t have to apply powder (save me heaps of time :D)

  1. Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Pact Powder

This powder works wonder in reducing oil in my ultra-oily eyelids. With this powder, my eyeliner and mascara hardly smudge throughout the day. This is such an amazing product, highly recommend this product 🙂

  1. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer #20 Sand

I only use this concealer if I have pretty bad dark circles in the morning. Not the best product, but not the worst as well.

  1. Innisfree Gel Liner #9 Brown Suitcase

Another great product from Innisfree. I have the black one as well, however I found that brown eyeliner gives me a more natural look. This eyeliner glides easily when I tight lining my lashes. Thus it doesn’t irritate my eyes. Because I’m pretty ignorant, I never reapply my make-up throughout the day. Due to its waterproof property, it doesn’t smudge up to 8 hours of usage.

  1. Innisfree Microcara

The best mascara I’ve ever tried. I use this mascara after I curled my lashes. The wand is really small, so it reaches and coats every tini-tiny lashes I have. When I use normal sized mascara applicator, usually it couldn’t reach the lashes in the inner corner of my eyes and it always stain my eyelids. Well, as you may notice I totally in LOVE with Innisfree. This brand only uses pure and natural ingredients. Good job Innisfree!

6. Aritaum Honey Melting Tint #Peach Crumble

This lipstick is quite moisturizing, however it’s a bit sticky as well. However it gives my lip a bit of colour and natural look.




Yubu Chobab Kit

Yubu Chobap

Hello !!!

I’m a bit obsessed with Korean culture this lately, so I’m watching a few Korean variety shows and dramas. Mostly food drama though, hahahaha… Since it is summer in Korea, many of the shows are filming picnic scenes. Which make me super jealous! I miss the warm weather (it’s currently winter in Australia :(). So I can have picnic, sit outside, bring a picnic lunch box and just have fun!

Yubu chobab is one of the popular doshirak (lunchbox) foods.  Yubu chobab is a sweetened fried tofu skin filled with seasoned rice. If you often go to a Japanese restaurant or sushi trains, you might recall it as inarizushi. This is one of my favourite type of sushi as well 🙂

I picked up this yobu chobab kit from a Korean grocery near my house. I thought that even though I can’t do picnic outside, I still can do one indoor 😀

DSCF3443s  DSCF3444s

This kit contains 2 packets marinated tofu pouches (14 pouches in each packets), 2 packets of vinegar rice seasoning, and 2 packets of colorful dried vegetables. Super easy and handy to use!


The instructions are below: (I made it Rei’s style as I can’t read Korean, hahaha)

  1. I cooked a cup of rice to make 14 piece of yubu chobab. I had a bit of rice left, so I just wrap it with seaweed.
  2. After the rice is cooled down, I mixed it with the vinegar and colourful dried vegetables. In my opinion it was a bit bland, so I added more sushi vinegar.
  3. When the seasoning is right, I shaped the rice into small balls to make it easier when I stuff the rice into the tofu pouch.
  4. Stuff a rice ball into a tofu pouch and shape it.
  5. Eat them!!!

A quick and easy lunch is done for my indoor picnic, yay!!!

Please try it out 🙂



Ririe’s 4 Ingredients Chia Pudding

Rei's Chia Pudding

Hi there,

What a better way to start your day with a good breakfast! So for today’s blog, I’m going to share with you my breakfast items on my not busy mornings. (On busy mornings, usually I just have some fruits on my way to uni, hahaha)

Today is Saturday, the day when I always try to relax (only if I don’t have any assignments to finish of course, hahahah). I started my day with watching a few Youtube video on my cozy bed, to wake me up. On weekend, usually I roll around on my bed for 1 – 2 hours before I actually get up and wash my face 😛

Then I had my breakfast. It’s a really simple breakfast, but helps my digestive system a lot. This morning I had a bowl of Chia Seed Pudding, one of my favourite breakfast menus.

So below is the recipe of this pudding, only require 4 ingredients 😀 As simple as that!

  • 2.5 tbsp of chia seed
  • 1 -1.5 cup of almond milk (depend on how thick you would like your pudding to be)
  • 2 bananas
  • 2 pitted dates


I soaked the chia seed in the almond milk overnight, so I can eat it right away in the morning. For the flavouring, I don’t add any sugar or syrup. It’s because in my opinion the banana and dates give enough sweetness for the porridge. Banana has a sweet flavor and creamy texture as a fruit itself and dates also have a caramelly flavor which I really like.

I believe that some people might still find it pretty bland. So if you decide to make this pudding, feel free to add some maple syrup or honey or cinnamon. In general any flavouring you may fancy 😀

I hope you can try it out 🙂